Sons of the Forgotten: Chapter 2 – Page 24
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  1. Alterna

    Heroes always narrate!

  2. El Zoof

    Heroes always think twice before leaping into unknoh who am I kidding

  3. Dr. Evil

    Heroes don’t do drugs, kids! ;D

    • This comment can start an iteresting argue about “Healing Potions”, you know… XD

  4. Getting some Cucco Attack flashbacks from A Link to the Past…

    Speaking of, I take it that The Legend of Zelda was an inspiration for this comic?

    • When David ask me to write the story he told me that Legend of Zelda is his favorite game and the main character was inspired on Link “justa a little” XD. Of course there will be some “eastern eggs” making a little tribute to the things that we love and Legend of Zelda is, of course, one of them.

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